Carpet Repair Houston Pet Damage Repair.  Our little buddies have gone and done it again.  The Carpet Specialists was contacted by Angela who informed TCS that Angela’s friend was “doggy sitting” her little buddy Spice while Angela was out of town.  Spice got trapped in Angela’s doggy sitters bedroom and Spice did everything she possible could to dig herself under the home and out any other side.  I think Spice may have been watching “Shawshank Redemption” on TNT the night before(lol).  Angela felt extremely guilty over the damage Spice left in her doggy sitters home and called TCS to come over and see what we could do with out having to replace carpet through out the bedroom and hallway.  TCS went in to the rescue and was able to remove the damaged areas and graft new sections of carpet in the damaged areas.  Angela was extremely happy and we can’t wait for Angela’s next out of town vacation!

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