The Carpet Specialist received a call about a closet addition that was added to a room.  TCS went to see the construction repair memorial that needed carpet installed in the newly constructed closet, along w/a new seam that needed to be placed in front of the closet door.  TCS removed the tack strips from the doorway, according to the CR105(IICRC Handbook), there should never be a tack strip located in a hallway.  We were able to use remnant carpet to cover the new are and blend the carpet with the old closet as much as possible.  We did have to reinforce the tack strips to the carpet, because the owner informed us that they dis engaged the carpet from the tack strips improperly, and ended up damaging them.  TCS was still able to get the job done, and make the area’s look like they always belonged there.  When you’re adding or taking away an area in your home, call TCS to see how we can help you with your home improvements!